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Hi! My name is Pablo Diaz, I am a High School Junior.

I started playing guitar a few years ago and have become especially obsessed this past year. 

When I am not playing, I work on learning to build and design original guitars.

I created this competition/giveaway to try and share my love of guitar during this difficult time. When schools and sports were cancelled, I spent more time playing than ever before.


 If you're already someone who plays or you're just interested in trying it out, there is something here for you! 

Find out more about the competition and giveaway below.




The competition event of Shred The Virus is a skill based competition for guitar players under 18. Show off your skills by improvising over a backing track or playing a cover of a song you've been working on. The winner will be decided based on skill and musicality.


The giveaway event of Shred The Virus is for anyone under 18 who is interested in learning to play the guitar.



Over 2,000 dollars in prizes!


The three winners of the guitar competition will receive their choice of a 500 dollar set-up upgrade or a 500 dollar college scholarship.

One honorable mention will receive a 50 dollar gift card, courtesy of Sweetwater.


The four winners of the guitar giveaway will receive a guitar starter-kit worth ~250 dollars.

*Must be located in the U.S 


How to Enter


To enter the competition event, improvise over a backing track, play something original, or just cover a song you've been learning. Record a video of yourself playing for 20 - 60 seconds, then upload the video to YouTube and email the link to using the format given in the entry form below. 

*If you do not currently have access to a guitar, any pre-existing footage is fine.



To enter the giveaway explain, in English or Spanish, something you like about music. Email the short explanation to using the format given in the entry form below.

*You must live in the US to enter.

The deadline for both events is currently June 1st.

Winners for both events will be contacted via email.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Enter to Win!



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